Ricky and the Hammond Cousins, by Wanda M. Yoder

The Hammond Cousins have a new challenge when hyperactive Ricky comes to live in the community.

Ricky and the Hammond Cousins

Markie and the Hammond Cousins, by Wanda M. Yoder

When their cousin with Down Syndrome moves close to them, the Hammond cousins must learn to love him and help him.

Markie and the Hammond Cousins

When the Hammond family was asked to take a needy 4-year-old into their home, Twila was excited—but Tanisha proved to be quite a handful for them.


In Memory of Michael by Wanda M. Yoder

Marilyn Hammond’s family has been eagerly anticipating a new baby in the house, but how will they cope when the much-loved baby dies soon after birth?

In Memory of Michael