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A Pig for Pablo

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Title: A Pig for Pablo
Author: Rhoda Detweiler
Major Themes: Paraguay, Pigs, Easy Readers, Christian Fiction, South America, Books for Boys
Synopsis: When he helps rescue a runt piglet, Pablo wants to own it—can he earn the money to buy it for himself?

When I buy schoolbooks, I usually buy a few storybooks, as well. The last time I ordered, I decided to get A Pig for Pablo, since it looked like one that my youngest son (age 7) would enjoy. Sure enough, he chose it when it was his turn to select a read-aloud recently, and seemed to like it pretty well. He likes stories with no fighting of any kind, and this book certainly fits that description!

Pablo is a little Mennonite boy growing up in Paraguay. One morning, when he goes to the barn with his father, he finds a runt in a new litter of piglets. He begs his father to save the tiny piglet, and does his best to feed and care for the little pig. Then, he asks if he can have the little pig for his own—he wants barbequed pork for his birthday!

Father and Mother discuss Pablo’s request, and decide that Pablo can earn the money to buy the pig. They help him with various projects, and he learns the value of money. Will his hard work pay off in time? It takes a lot longer than Pablo ever imagined it would!

By reading A Pig for Pablo, you will get a glimpse at life in Paraguay, and learn some Spanish vocabulary. You’ll also get to live with a Christian family and see how they work and play together. One thing that surprised me a little was the ending—it wasn’t what you would have expected from a children’s book about animals!

No warnings!

Age Levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 5 – 8
Reading Independently—Ages 7 – 9


Links to buy A Pig for Pablo:

Christian Light Publications: Hardcover


Paraguay, Pigs, Easy Readers, Christian Fiction, South America, Books for Boys

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