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A True Home by Kallie George

A True Home

post written by Emma Filbrun
A True Home by Kallie George

Title: A True Home
Author: Kallie George
Series: Heartwood Hotel Book 1
Major Themes: Animal Stories, Fantasy
Synopsis: When her home is flooded out, Mona the mouse goes searching for a new home.

The first chapter book I read to my 6-year-old daughter this year as part of her 1st grade literature was Heartwood Hotel: A True Home. I was surprised by how much she loved it immediately, and how her older brothers (ages 9 and 11) loved it as well. They didn’t want to miss a single chapter!

Mona the mouse needed a home. She had found a home for the summer, but now she was flooded out of it. Where could she go? The first possible home she found wouldn’t work—it was the den of a bear. Then, she found a big tree with a door in the side. The door opened . . . and she found herself in a wonderful hotel. She was given temporary work, food and a bed, but how long would that last? Tilly didn’t like her. Could Mona change Tilly’s attitude toward her, or would she be forced to leave—especially after the debacle with the skunks?

Then, danger threatened Heartwood. No one knew how to save the hotel, until Mona had a bright idea. But, would it work? Would she ever had a real home?

As I said, my little children loved A True Home. They were enthralled by the story, and could hardly wait each day for the next chapter. This story is a good way to think about friendship, and what home is. It’s also very funny in places! The skunk story was especially funny. Of course, the story is totally implausible, but still fun.

WARNING: A bear uses the word gosh in chapters 10 and 14.

Age levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 5 – 8
Reading Independently—Ages 7 – 9, 8 – 12

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Keywords: Animal Stories, Fantasy

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