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ABC Say it With Me Bible Memory Verses (G)

post written by Esther Filbrun

ABC Say it With Me Bible Memory VersesTitle: ABC Say it With Me Bible Memory Verses (G)
Moore Family Films
Major Themes: Scripture Memory, Memorization, Large Families, Biblical Application
Join the Moore family as they learn scriptures—and life lessons—together.

ABC Say it With Me Bible Memory Verses is a thought-provoking, and sometimes hilarious, video. We watched it for the first time tonight, and while munching on popcorn my brothers had all ears tuned so as to not miss anything. Dad also really appreciated it—the focus on scripture memory and application was a real selling point for him.

ABC Say it With Me Bible Memory Verses is very simple in its own right. It follows the alphabet in verses, and with each verse there is an attached lesson—sometimes acted out in skit form, other times showing sibling relationships, and other times the child will act out the proper way to obey the verse. All of the application is something any child will understand, and be able to put to use.

I’m probably very biased, seeing as I come from a large family, but I find movies and videos (okay, books too) featuring big families to be incredibly fascinating. Seeing the siblings acting naturally around each other—being normal children—is fun. Oh, yes, they don’t always get along, but that’s where the Bible memory verses come in—to teach children how to behave nicely. I highly recommend this movie to all Bible-believing families with young children (especially those ten and under), and I suspect this would be great for Sunday schools as well.

No warnings!

Appropriate Ages:

Ages 3 – 4, 5 – 8, 8 – 12, Family Friendly


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