About Me

Hi, there! I’m Esther, a not-so-typical typical homeschool teenager with a passion for living for God and serving others.

"Song Service"
“Song Service” with my oldest brother when I was four.

I come from a typical large homeschool family—five brothers and a little sister—and enjoy being at the top of the line, where I can alternately boss and spoil everyone younger than me.

Family at Christmas
A slightly embarrassing portrait of our family at Christmas time, when I was seven.

In more un-typical fashion, when I was eleven, we moved half-way around the world to New Zealand—leaving behind the 40-acre farm we had in the States. God was calling us to follow Him, and through several almost miraculous events we were able to come here to be a witness for Him.

Iris Summer
My pet goat in the States, Iris Summer.

Since Mom has been reading ever since she was three, it was only natural that she started reading to me before I can remember. We wore out quite a few books through our frequent pre-nap read aloud sessions—although, I suspect I probably wasn’t very kind to the books we read. Once I learned how to read for myself, Mom had a hard time getting me to bed at a decent time.

"Touching the Glacier"
“Touching the glacier” on a family trip in 2014.

For some reason, typical homeschoolers tend to collect a lot of books, and since I’ve been homeschooled all the way through, we’ve managed to build up a stash ourselves.

We Love Books
On a family trip in 2015, I pulled out this new book to read to my two youngest brothers—and soon, everyone except little sister was gathered around, eagerly listening to the story! (This was not posed.)

However, I’ve always struggled to find truly worthwhile books through the library system, and partly out of that and partly out of the lack of a good search tool for books, this website was born. Hope you can find something helpful here!

~ Esther

P.S. If there’s anything book-related that I can help you with, feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to be of service!

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