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Adopted by Becky McGurrinTitle: Adopted
Author: Becky McGurrin
Major Themes: Adoption, Christian Life, Mennonites
Synopsis: After giving up her daughter for adoption, Pat searches for years for true love and acceptance.

I’ve been seeing Adopted in the catalog for a number of years, and thinking I’d really like to read this true story. Finally this year, when I ordered our schoolbooks for the year, I added it to the order and read it right away when it came in. What a wonderful story!

Pat was heartbroken but firm about her decision. She would not be able to provide for her new baby girl, and had no husband to help care for her. The baby must be put up for adoption. Pat stipulated that she wanted her beautiful daughter to be adopted by Catholic parents, and to keep her name. Baby Suzzane went home from the hospital with her new parents, and Pat went home to care for her young son Harry.

As the years went by, Pat remarried and had several more boys, but her marriage fell apart. Her family faced many challenges in getting along with each other, and Pat longed for love as one person after another turned against her. During one visit to her niece in Virginia, however, she met a group of people who seemed very loving. What made them so different? Pat continued to visit them until she finally learned their secret—and made it part of her own life!

I could hardly put Adopted down after I started it. Becky McGurrin has told Pat’s story very vividly. You will feel her heartbreak at giving up her baby, her despair when people turn against her and break their promises, and her great joy when she found the secret of true happiness. The unexpected twists and turns her life took will keep you guessing at what will happen next!

No warnings!

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults


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Adoption, Christian Life, Mennonites

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