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Alien Intrusion (NR*)

Alien Intrusion

post written by Esther Filbrun

Alien Intrusion

Title: Alien Intrusion (NR — M*)
Producer: Gary Bates
Major Themes: Aliens, Biblical Movies, UFOs
Synopsis: The phenomenon of strange flying objects being seen has been discussed for centuries—but what is it, really? And what should a Christian’s response be to someone who has seen one of these things?

Several weeks ago, I heard of a movie that was being shown in our local town that Creation Ministries had just produced—Alien Intrusion, based on Gary Bate’s book of the same title. Friends of ours had purchased tickets, hoping to hand them out to different locals that might be interested, but at the last minute they had several left, and invited my brothers and me to go. What a worthwhile movie! Definitely not for younger viewers, but it had a great message and good information, too. While it might not have been the most enjoyable movie I’ve ever watched, I came away very encouraged.

Aliens. Beings from other planets. An idea that has been thrown around for many years now, and popularized in science fiction books and films, it’s something almost everyone has heard of now in one way, shape, or form. But what are we to do with things that defy explanation—UFOs, and even more frightening than that, stories of people who claim to have “met” these beings? Are their stories believable? Have they really met beings that are not from earth? This film sets out to share the data we know so far, and try to provide some answers to the questions.

According to the producers of this film, the idea of beings coming from other planets stems from the Big Bang Theory. If the theory is true, when the universe as we know it came into existence, the things needed for life would not have only existed on earth; it would have been spread around the solar system and definitely beyond. If that’s the case, then it would be likely that there are other beings out there on other planets, so assuming that some would be “older” than mankind on earth and therefore more technologically advanced wouldn’t be a problem. However, for young earth Creationists, the entire theory is rejected—and even if it were possible that God had created life on other planets, science demonstrates that it would be very difficult to go planet- or galaxy-hopping. So how do we explain people who experience things and claim it was aliens?

The main thing I personally got out of Alien Intrusion was how the truth of God and His Son Jesus Christ conquers everything—even when we have no power of our own, Jesus does! Near the last part of the film, as people were sharing their stories, they also shared the answer that finally freed them from the grip of these “visitations”—Jesus’ name. Only in that could they find true hope.

So while I left the theater feeling somewhat saddened because people have to deal with these frightening intrusions into their lives, I also felt joyful…because the answer is the same as for nearly everything else. Jesus. That’s all we need.

Since watching this movie, us three oldest have had many different discussions centered around it. I think it impacted all of us quite deeply, and we wanted to share about it with those around us. Even now, every once in a while, we still bring up different topics from this film. That’s one thing I appreciate about Alien Intrusion—it deals with a lot of different topics related to the subject, with a depth and clarity that I haven’t seen in many Christian films. I appreciated that. Not only was it spot-on with a lot of the comments, but it also gave a lot of food for thought, even for those of us that might not be as good at critical thinking or following long, deeply involved arguments.

In all, this was a wonderful film. Perhaps not the one you would choose for a quiet evening when you want something easy or fluffy to watch, but a great one for challenging your thinking and giving a new perspective on an old topic.

*As of this writing, this film is not rated. However, I would strongly urge parental guidance for children under the age of 15 for this movie—some of the topics discussed could be quite disturbing to younger viewers. See warning below.

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