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Amalyah’s Search for Love

post written by Emma Filbrun

Amalyah's Search for Love by Harvey YoderTitle: Amalyah’s Search for Love
Author: Harvey Yoder
Major Themes: Israel, Kibbutz, Mexico, Orphanages, United States
Synopsis: After growing up in a kibbutz in Israel, Amalyah finds herself endlessly searching for love-can she ever find what she needs?

I found Amalyah’s Search for Love quite fascinating. The first part of the book was so intriguing because of the description of life on a kibbutz in Israel; I had never read much of anything about a kibbutz before. The rest of the story was interesting because Amalyah’s life took so many different paths. It was amazing to see God at work in her life.

Amalyah was born on a kibbutz in Israel; she lived in a house with other children her own age and visited her parents in their room in the evenings. Occasionally, she was privileged to sleep in their room, but she always yearned for more love. As she grew older, this yearning began to express itself in a desire for a boyfriend; she had one boyfriend after another as groups of young volunteers came from all over the work to work for short periods in the kibbutz. However, this never satisfied Amalyah.

Amalyah next moved to America, where she found herself still in bondage to various people until one day she was able to turn her life over to Jesus. Her subsequent journey took her to Mexico and to Israel; she continued to learn more and more about Jesus and His love for her and plan for her life. As we all need to do, she had to keep laying down her own wishes.

I had a hard time putting this book down. Harvey Yoder has a way of writing a story that keeps you turning pages. Once you begin reading Amalyah’s story, you will want to see where her search for love takes her. Can she ever allow Jesus to totally satisfy that longing?

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Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults


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Israel, Kibbutz, Mexico, Orphanages, United States

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