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Another Second Chance: God’s Story

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Another Second Chance: God’s Story, by Troy LewisTitle: Another Second Chance: God’s Story
Author: Troy Lewis
Major Themes: Kidney Problem, Organ Transplant
Synopsis: When his kidneys fail as he is in his early 40s, Troy Lewis desperately needs a transplant, but only God can engineer the events to save his life—and that of his brother!

I have always enjoyed books having to do with the medical world. I came across Another Second Chance when it was free on Kindle over a year ago. I finally got around to reading it this week and it was sure worth getting!

During a routine physical exam for life insurance in 1992, Troy Lewis learned that he had a slight problem with his kidneys. It turned out to be a very rare disease which, in 20% of the people who have it, will cause kidney failure around age 40. Troy happened to be in that 20%, and by 2010 he and his wife knew he had to have a kidney transplant in order to survive. Through an incredible series of events that only God could have engineered, Troy received, just in time, the kidney that would save his life—and in the process, his brother’s life was saved from a problem he knew nothing about.

All the way through Troy’s battle for survival, God was at work in his heart. Troy “knew” what was going to happen, had it all planned out, and God said, “No.” As circumstances changed and Troy’s plan could no longer work, God showed His hand and brought people together in another way. Over and over, Troy and his wife got excited because it looked like everything was working out well, only to have their hopes dashed again—until finally they could see the big picture and see that God had it all under control in His own way. What a beautiful story!

If you like to read true stories from the medical world, you’ll enjoy Another Second Chance. If you want a book to encourage you to have faith in God, you’ll enjoy Another Second Chance. I highly recommend this book.

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Keywords: Kidney Problem, Organ Transplant

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