When her brother and sisters were sent to Canada with other orphans, without her mother’s permission, Laura followed them and discovered that not everything was as good as it sounded.

When she defied her Patriot father to say goodbye to her Loyalist cousins, Charlotte was banished with them.

Charlea sees her mother and daughter making decisions that appear foolish—what can she do to stop them?

The story of Ben Franklin’s life is told for children, focusing on his childhood in Boston.

A tiny, hand-carved canoe makes the long voyage from Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean in this story lavishly illustrated with full-color paintings.

King George knew how to be king—you treat your subjects as a father would his children!

Benjamin Franklin’s life as an inventor, scientist and statesman is told in a very interesting way.

Comical drawings and a text with a dry sense of humor tell the story of a famous American in a fresh way.

This series of four books tells the wonderful, true story of a boy who rode the orphan trains with his siblings in the early 1900s.

A few years after he moves his family, including Ethan and his brothers and sister, to South Dakota, Chad Rush moves them to Mexico for a year!

This fascinating trilogy describes a family’s life in the Outback of Australia through the eyes of an imaginative, fiesty girl.

Fun pictures and engaging text tell the story of Franklin’s inventions and studies of electricity

Benjamin Franklin’s busy life is perfectly captured in this picture book.

After adopting the four Cooper children, Chad Rush announced that he was going to be moving his family to South Dakota to homestead new land!

What things will make it easier to travel with children?

Abigail Adams tells the story of her life, her faith in God, and her support of her husband through everything he was called to do.

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