Abigail Adams tells the story of her life, her faith in God, and her support of her husband through everything he was called to do.

The four Cooper children, with 21 other orphans, travel west on the train to find new families and new lives.

In a very discrete and God-honoring way, the story of life from conception to birth is told for young children.

As three brothers grow up in a small town in Utah around 1900, the middle brother uses his great brain to make a profit for himself in every way possible.

This fun story describes a fox that George Washington supposedly hunted.

A boy who loves learning about George Washington suddenly realizes that he doesn’t know what the great man ate for breakfast!

Engaging text and beautiful oil paintings tell the story of George Washington and the American Revolution.

With easy text and beautiful pictures, the story of the most famous leader of the United States is told for children.

An engaging story and lovely pictures tell the life story of a hermit crab.

With short chapters and easy vocabulary, this book tells the story of George Washington’s life.

What was George Washington’s life like as a child?

What should Ben Franklin do when he was bored to tears while listening to people arguing about laws?

What happens when 12 different women, each with a chaperone, move into a bachelor’s house for a month at a time?

This short chapter book retells the story of the slave girl who helped Naaman recover from his leprosy.

Madeline’s skills as a detective have now led to her being hired by the Pinkertons to investigate a problem at a bank—can she juggle this job along with her personal life?

Over a span of nearly a hundred years, the people of a town in Europe work together to build a cathedral to give glory to God.

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