Many rascals of the animal world make their appearance in this poignant, funny book.

This is a series of books you can read over and over, and still enjoy them.

After they begin their married life, Almanzo and Laura spend several years trying to make a living from the harsh Dakota Prairies.

A father teaches his children about what fossils are and how they were formed in this wonderful picture book!

For several years, Almanzo courts Laura, although she doesn’t realize it for a long time, and she works with her family to make a living and keep Mary in school.

Sam and Giny make new animal friends when they come across a doe and her twin fawns, and then go to Hawaii, where they spend time with old friends and new.

Preston and Lara are both Christians, but coming from quite different church backgrounds; should their differences stand in the way of their marriage?

When a man wakes up from a head injury with no idea who he is or what he has been doing, but believes he’s in trouble, what should he do?

Humorous text and fun pictures tell the story of one of the most famous patriots in the American Revolution.

Sebastian struggles to understand his father’s lifestyle of piracy, and wishes for a closer relationship with him.

When he loses two clients in a row, Keith’s faith is shattered—how can he regain it?

The story of Joseph is retold here, well fleshed out but still true to the Bible.

Full-color paintings help tell the story of what dinosaurs are, where they came from, and what happened to them, from the Bible.

With text and color paintings, the story of a ship’s building, loss and rediscovery is told, as a typical example of Spanish treasure ships.

Paul Revere’s famous ride, and the beginning of the American Revolution, are discussed through the eyes of a horse.

General Washington and his rag-tag army need guns and ammunition—can it be brought from 300 miles away over mountains and rivers in the winter?

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