In 1950-51, three men paddle kayaks down the length of the Nile River, exploring and having adventures along the way.

How was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s real life different from the books she wrote for children about her life?

Very soon after the pharoah began his reign, he also began his plans for the afterlife—read this book to see how his pyramid grew.

When he helps rescue a runt piglet, Pablo wants to own it—can he earn the money to buy it for himself?

As a little boy, Obando could not understand why he was so different from the other children around him—could he find out why, as an adult?

All his life, Benedict Arnold wanted to be a hero, with everyone admiring him—had he finally found the perfect thing to do to get attention?

After being diagnosed with cancer, Rodney had to decide quickly what he was going to do for treatment, whether he would use chemo, or find some other way to handle his health.

How can you know what is truth, and what to believe?

Various forms of autism are revealed in interesting stories, and techniques for helping autistic children are described.

When she is taken captive by Syrian raiders, the Israelite girl Miriam must decide whether to allow bitterness to take over her life, or to forgive and allow Jehovah to rule her life.

What could 11-year-old John Jacob Mickley and his father do to help the Revolutionary cause when they were in Philadelphia as the British approached?

When a young Quaker man joins Washington’s army, his family devises an ingenious way to get information to the General.

This beautiful, full-color hardcover science textbook is wonderful for teaching elementary-age students about plants.

After enduring major trauma as a child, Terry Wardle can testify to God’s healing power as an older man.

During the American Civil War, a slave gets the idea to sail a Confederate warship out of Charleston Harbor with many other escaping slaves on board—will they make it past the blockade?

This picture book describes the life of an amazing explorer and scientist who we had never even heard of before!

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