A mother shares about life with triplets in this fun collection of stories of her children.

This is a wonderful story about the girlhood of the woman who designed the first United States flag.

When the war comes to his backyard, and his friend is killed in front of him, can Heinrich ever forgive his enemy?

Can a nearly-blind woman from a broken, very poor family do anything to help a little blind and deaf girl?

This textbook is a study of our purpose in life and how we should view ourselves and live for God.

In over a hundred short stories and poems, more than 20 mothers share bits of their lives as an encouragement to other Christian mothers.

In learning to love and appreciate her special needs twin brother, Kim learns to love and trust God more, as well.

When he finds himself abandoned by his wicked older brothers in the deep forest, young William has only one direction to turn for help.

These five stories are all tied together with a common theme, which makes this collection extra-fun!

Wonderful, colored line drawings and descriptive text show all the stages in the building of a mosque in the late 1500s.

This practical book will help you to resist temptations caused by various forms of lust.

When his enemy’s life was in danger, Dirk Willems saved him—and gave up his own life in the process.

When her tiny daughter suddenly disappears, Cecile finds herself involved in an investigation of such corruption that you will have a hard time believing it really happened.

After he loses his job and home, an orphan boy heads north to join the Yukon Gold Rush.

The ship on which they took a honeymoon voyage sank—how could Laura survive without John?

When the Wilder family moved from South Dakota to Missouri by covered wagon, Laura kept a diary of the trip.

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