Nick Allen is very clever at coming up with time-wasters, and he has hit upon the perfect one—or so he thinks when he asks his teacher how words get into the dictionary!

Journey to Jo’burg

When their baby sister is very sick, two children walk and hitch rides to Johannesburg, in South Africa, to get their mother, who works as a maid for a white family.

Peril and Peace

Gripping stories of various early Christians.

Star of Light

A boy must save his blind baby sister from a life of misery, and discovers the Light of the World.

Mary Slessor: Forward into Calabar

The story of the first missionary to go inland in Western Africa.

Misty of Chincoteague

A brother and sister work together to buy and tame a wild mare and her foal.

Ginger Pye

Two children work hard to earn a dollar to buy a puppy, and then the puppy disappears.

King of the Wind

A horse is sent by the Sultan of Morocco to the Boy King of France, but the gift is misunderstood and the horse is rejected.

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