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Be Your Child’s Pediatrician

post written by Emma Filbrun

Be Your Child’s Pediatrician, by Rachel WeaverTitle: Be Your Child’s Pediatrician
Author: Rachel Weaver
Major Themes: Herbal Medicine, Health Care
Synopsis: How to responsibly care for your child’s health problems, at home, using herbs that are easy to locate.

Be Your Child’s Pediatrician is a treasure trove of information. Like her other two books, Be Your Own Doctor and Back Yard Pharmacy, it is chockful of helpful solutions to almost all health problems you will encounter. This one focuses on childhood illnesses, from Chickenpox to Autism, offering nutritional and herbal remedies that many people have found helpful. Written in a conversational tone, it was quite interesting just to read it, and  it will have a permanent place on my shelf.

No warning!

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Reading Independently—Adults


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Keywords: Herbal Medicine, Health Care

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