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Bootprints by Deborah Beachy & Sharon Beachy


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Bootprints by Deborah Beachy & Sharon Beachy

Title: Bootprints
Author: Deborah Beachy & Sharon Beachy
Major Themes: Amish, Child Abuse, Anger
Synopsis: Jason was afraid of his father, and determined that he would never be like him—but what could he do to change the course he was on?

The synopsis of Bootprints that I read in the catalog sounded good, so I added this book to a recent schoolbooks order. When it came, I put it on a stack on my desk and one day while I was waiting for my computer to do something I picked it up. The next thing I knew, I had read two or three chapters! I made myself set it aside then, as there were things I really needed to do, and left it alone until I went on a ladies’ retreat a few weeks later. Then, it was my choice of a book to take along—and I stayed up a bit too late reading! I found this book quite hard to put down.

Jason was afraid of his father, as a boy. He was terrified that he would do something that would make his father angry, and then Jason would get a beating. One thing happened, when Jason was about six, to make him believe that his father actually loved him—but the rest of the time, the boy wondered about it. As he grew older, he learned to cope by hiding his feelings and actions. No one must know about some of the things he was doing!

Jason joined the church, and then got married, and his father still mistreated him. Children came along, and Jason was sure he would not be like his father—but his little boys were afraid of him. When he finally saw who he was, he was horrified. What could he do about it?

This was a terrible story—and a wonderful story. I found myself almost angry with Jason’s father all the way through the book. He was irrationally controlling and cruel. Could there be any hope for a man like him to change? Jason started out on the same path, but God had mercy on him. I loved seeing what happened there!

A bit of warning: Bootprints is set among the Amish, although that name is never mentioned in the story. It’s obvious, though, from the frequent mentions of horses and buggies. However, if you like the “cuteness” in Amish stories, you’ll miss that factor—it simply isn’t there. Apparently written by Amish women, the story is told as if this is just an everyday lifestyle. By reading this book, you’ll see a different side of the Amish than today’s Amish fiction presents, but a more realistic one in many ways. Also, there is no romance in this book. I really like it when I find a good book without romance.

WARNING: Domestic violence and physical child abuse happens throughout the story.

Age levels:

Reading Independently—Adults

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