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Breathing on Her Own

post written by Emma Filbrun

Breathing on Her Own by Rebecca WatersTitle: Breathing on Her Own
Author: Rebecca Waters
Major Themes: Accidents, Trauma, Trust
Synopsis: After her daughter nearly dies in a car accident, Molly learns a lot about God and trusting Him.

It amazes me how God gives me what I need at the time I need it! I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but it does make me feel loved by Him. Breathing On Her Own was perfect for me at this time. Our family has been through some severe trauma in the past two months, and I’ve been having a struggle with trusting God and just resting in Him. This book spoke to me about doing just that.

Molly Tipton and her husband never expected what happened late one night in the winter. Their precious oldest daughter was in a serious accident, and no one could know if she would live, or, if she did live, whether she would be paralyzed. Then, as the police continued to investigate the accident, in which Laney’s friend was killed, more factors were revealed which caused great distress. One thing after another happened to bring more heartache to the family.

Molly realized that she was merely breathing quick, help-me type of prayers. Did she truly know God—or had she been a hypocrite in front of her children all these years? What sort of relationship did Laney have with God? And how could Molly cope with Laney’s two young children while their own mother couldn’t care for them? When seemingly unsurmountable problems came up, how would the family cope?

A few passages especially spoke to me. About halfway through the story, Molly’s pastor is preaching. He says, “Notice Satan’s timing. He waits until Jesus is vulnerable. That’s what he does with us. He waits until we are at our weakest point. And how did Jesus respond each time? He quoted Scripture. We need to steep ourselves in Scripture.” I also really appreciated Molly’s words on the next page, “But what I was thinking was how every decision we make from the minute we get out of bed shapes our day.” So true!

I found this to be a very well-written story, hard to put down. If Rebecca Waters writes more books, I’ll certainly want to read them! She has learned the art of weaving profound truths into a story. Watching the characters grow and change for the better was a great experience, and I came away feeling refreshed and encouraged.

No warnings!

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Accidents, Trauma, Trust

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