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Callie by Sharon SrockTitle: Callie
Author: Sharon Srock
Series: The Women of Valley View
Major Themes: Christian Life
Synopsis: Callie is still suffering from having helped someone and feeling like, as a consequence, she caused a baby’s death when she feels like God wants her to help another troubled child.

I’ve been enjoying books by Sharon Srock lately. It’s rare to find women’s fiction that is so clean. I also like that this isn’t a romance, and I like the emphasis on finding healing from past trauma.

Callie is still reeling from when she helped a friend and inadvertently contributed to the death of her friend’s baby. Will she ever heal from it? Will the nightmares and flashbacks ever stop? How can she possibly forgive herself?

Samantha and Iris, and baby Bobbie, are trying to make a life for themselves after their father’s disappearance 10 years ago and their mother’s death 18 months ago. Since Samantha, Bobbie’s mother, is only 17, they can’t legally live alone yet—can they stay under the radar until her birthday?

Steve is searching frantically for his daughters now that he has learned of his wife’s death. If he can find them, will they forgive him for walking out of their lives so many years ago when drugs were more important to him than his family was? Will they believe that his life is completely different now that he knows Jesus?

The women of Valley View church band together to help Callie when she can’t shake off the belief that God wants her to help Iris. Her husband doesn’t want to see her hurt again. What is she supposed to do? Will she end up hurt even worse? Is there any possibility that Samantha and Iris will ever have a real family?

This is a fairly light read, although it does deal with a few somewhat difficult issues. There was natural humor, which I love. My favorite passage, as far as humor, was when Callie’s granddaughter was talking about babysitting her 2-year-old brother: …he’s a BRAT, but “since he’s just two, it’s the only job he has right now….” I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading more from Sharon Srock when I need something to read that doesn’t take much brain power.

WARNING: Two or three times marital intimacy is hinted at between Callie and her husband, but no details.

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Adults


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