Peter and the Pilgrims by Louise A. Vernon

Peter finds himself living with the Separatists, and he travels to America with them, on the Mayflower.

Peter and the Pilgrims

Om-kas-toe: Blackfeet Twin Captures an Elkdog by Kenneth Thomasma

Blackfeet twins, a boy and a girl, find a horse and help their tribe.

Om-kas-toe of the Blackfeet

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Two little girls enjoy a year of life on the frontier in Wisconsin.

Little House in the Big Woods

The Marvelous Mustard Seed by Amy Jill Levine and Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

A parable of Jesus is retold for little children, accompanied by beautiful pictures.

The Marvelous Mustard Seed

Go West! by Pascal Blanchet

As you travel by train across the United States and Canada, you will learn about the history of trains.

Go West!

The Promise by Pnina Bat Zvi and Margie Wolfe

Two sisters cling to each other in a concentration camp, trying to survive and stay together.

The Promise

The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower by P. J. Lynch

John Howland traveled to the New World with the Pilgrims, nearly losing his life on the way.

The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower

The Pilgrim's Voyage to America by Thomas Kingsley Troupe

Two flies tell the story of the Pilgrim’s trip to America.

The Pilgrim’s Voyage to America

The Mayflower by Mark Greenwood

With paintings and brief text, the story of the Pilgrim’s voyage to America is told for young children.

The Mayflower

Fur, Fins and Feathers: The Invention of the Modern Zoo by Cassandre Maxwell

One man who loved animals made huge changes in the way animals were housed in zoos.

Fur, Fins and Feathers: The Invention of the Modern Zoo

Pocahontas by Joseph Bruchac

Pocahontas and John Smith tell the story of the first year of the European settlement in Jamestown.


Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman

The mother of a large family shares tips and ideas she has learned over the years about the art and science of managing the large family.

Large Family Logistics

Pocahontas and the Strangers by Clyde Robert Bulla

The story of a brave Indian princess is told in simple language for young readers.

Pocahontas and the Strangers

Alien Intrusion

The phenomenon of strange flying objects being seen has been discussed for centuries—but what is it, really? And what should a Christian’s response be to someone who has seen one of these things?

Alien Intrusion

Princess Cut (PG)

After her boyfriend breaks up with her, Grace must figure out what it truly means to love someone—and whether she can trust God in the romance department or not.

Princess Cut

Kate’s Dilemma by Sarah Holman

Pirated CDs are being used as a cover for selling drugs—can Kate and her team stay safe as they try to figure out who is doing it?

Kate’s Dilemma