Using interesting stories from his life, Bob Goff helps children (and adults) to find practical ways to show love to the people around them.

Everybody, Always for Kids

When the United States entered World War II, there was suddenly a great need to connect Alaska to the mainland by road—how fast could a road be built 1,600 miles through wilderness?

Road to Alaska

When it appears that she accidentally poisoned her betrothed, Shoshana was forced to flee to the nearest City of Refuge—but what could she do with her life there?

Shoshana’s Refuge

In 4022, Howard Carson stumbled upon an incredible discovery: An untouched tomb from 1985 somewhere in North America!

Motel of the Mysteries

With simple but detailed text and beautiful full-color paintings, this book tells the story of Noah’s Ark and the Flood.

The True Story of Noah’s Ark

Now that Eli and his family have moved to Virginia, he wants to work harder than ever to help out so that they will be able to keep the farm they are buying.

Harvest Boy of White Hill

Comics help children to understand their emotions.


Beautiful illustrations help tell the story of the earliest days of mankind in this gorgeous hardcover book.

The True Account of Adam and Eve

Questions about life in colonial America are answered with interesting text and nice pictures.

If You Lived in Colonial Times

When a mouse widow needed help desperately, she was given unexpected advice: Ask the rats for help.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

101 archaeological discoveries that confirm the Bible are pictured and described.

Unearthing the Bible

When Josh was bored one summer, he met a friendly bee who taught him all about herself and her friends.

Hummy and the Wax Castle

When the unthinkable happened and an innocent baby was left severely handicapped, was there anyone who would be willing to care for her?

Precious: Handle With Care

Was there really advanced technology in past civilizations? and how is that possible?

The Puzzle of Ancient Man

When she is coerced into working as a translator in a German POW camp in her hometown in Minnesota, Johanna finds herself the subject of hostility and eventually is accused of treason.

Things We Didn’t Say

Learn all about dinosaurs from a Biblical perspective in this beautifully-illustrated book!

Dinosaurs by Design