When he loses two clients in a row, Keith’s faith is shattered—how can he regain it?

Effective Immediately

The story of Joseph is retold here, well fleshed out but still true to the Bible.

Joseph, Rachel’s Son

Full-color paintings help tell the story of what dinosaurs are, where they came from, and what happened to them, from the Bible.

What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs

With text and color paintings, the story of a ship’s building, loss and rediscovery is told, as a typical example of Spanish treasure ships.


Paul Revere’s famous ride, and the beginning of the American Revolution, are discussed through the eyes of a horse.

Mr. Revere and I

General Washington and his rag-tag army need guns and ammunition—can it be brought from 300 miles away over mountains and rivers in the winter?

Guns for General Washington

The story of the Mennonites during the American Revolution is told through the eyes of a man who became a leader of his church during that turbulent time.

Loyalty Test

As her family struggles for survival during a terrible drought, Charlie struggles between being a tomboy and being the ladylike girl her mother wants her to be.

Texas Tomboy

The four stories in this collection center around romance beginning at Christmas, but have wildly different themes otherwise.

Comfort & Joy (Christmas Lights Collection 2018)

Laura Ingalls Wilder based her character Nellie Oleson on three different people—who were they, really?

The Three Faces of Nellie

After Judy and her family leave the place in Alabama where they have been sharecropping, they find themselves following crops up the Atlantic seaboard.

Judy’s Journey

During the first two years that the little town of DeSmet exists on the prairie of North Dakota, Laura and her family struggle to make a living and send blind Mary to college.

Little Town on the Prairie

When the Continental Army brings prisoners to the Moravian village of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and one escapes, two cousins must figure out how to protect him.

Distant Thunder

The story of a famous Black poetess from the American Revolution is told in story and beautiful artwork.

A Voice of Her Own

Lords of the Earth by Don Richardson

With determination to share Christ with as many people as possible, Stan Dale dared to get in contact with an unreached head-hunting, cannibalistic tribe in inland Irian Jaya, even though he knew it could be dangerous to do so.

Lords of the Earth

Daniel Boone: Frontiersman by Geoff & Janet Benge

Daniel Boone led a very adventurous life, and very little slowed him down when he was determined to explore a new area of North America.

Daniel Boone: Frontiersman