Granny Han’s Breakfast, by Sheila Groves

When all her money is stolen, Granny must trust God to supply her needs, which He does abundantly.

Granny Han’s Breakfast

You Are There Bible Adventures, by Paul J. Loth and Rick Incrocci

Choose-your-own-adventure books about Bible stories.

You Are There Bible Adventures

Dolphin Adventure, by Wayne Grover

As Wayne was diving, he was approached by a family of dolphins who needed a fishhook removed from the baby’s tail.

Dolphin Adventure

Ian and the Gigantic Leafy Obstacle, by Sheila Miller

When Ian finds a tree across his road, he prays and God answers his prayer in a surprising way.

Ian and the Gigantic Leafy Obstacle

Martha, by Gennady Spirin

The story, in words and beautiful pictures, of a crow that was rescued by the author’s wife and son.


The Story About Ping, by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese

When Ping gets lost one day from his home on a boat on the Yangtzee River, the little duck must dodge many dangers as he tries to find his way home again.

The Story About Ping

A Sweet Singer, by Marla Martin

Lee was lonely, sitting on the porch, until God sent a bird to sing to him.

A Sweet Singer

Little Pear

Little Pear is a five-year-old Chinese boy who loves his family and longs for adventure—but what happens when that adventure carries him too far?

Little Pear

James Herriot’s Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children

Eight touching stories of animals, perfect for a Saturday evening read-aloud.

Inspirational Stories