The Twila Stories, by Johnny Ruhl

A young woman living in Bolivia learns lessons about living for Jesus and loving other people.

The Twila Stories

The Window in the Wall, by Ginny Merritt

As the children of Israel approach Jericho, a family within its walls discovers the true God.

The Window in the Wall

The Toothpaste Millionaire, by Jean Merrill

What happens when Rufus mixes up a gallon of toothpaste for the price of one tube at the drugstore?

The Toothpaste Millionaire

Louis Braille, The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind, by Margaret Davidson

A story for young children about the blind man who invented books for the blind.

Louis Braille: The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind

The Incredible Journey, by Sheila Burnford

When three animals become homesick for their owners, they take off on a several-hundred-mile journey through wilderness, trying to find them.

The Incredible Journey

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken

Sylvia must go live with her cousin Bonnie, but when the ship that Bonnie’s parents are on is sunk off the coast of Spain, they are left at the mercy of a wicked governness.

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West, by Marguerite Henry

Wild Horse Annie grew up with mustangs, and her horror at seeing the way the wild horses were hunted out of the hills with airplanes and trucks to be slaughtered motivated her to work to get a law passed to prohibit such hunting.

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West

Rascal, by Sterling North

In the spring of 1918, young Sterling and one of his buddies caught a baby raccoon, and Sterling raised it.


A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Sarah Crewe has always been a little princess—but when her father’s fortune is completely lost, can she still be a princess while living as a pauper?

A Little Princess

The School Story, by Andrew Clements

Natalie has written a story—but even with her best friend backing her, will she be able to get it published?

The School Story

In Grandma's Attic

Mabel, along with her best friend Sarah Jane, gets into a lot of trouble and learns many valuable lessons in the late 1800s.

In Grandma’s Attic

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi is crazy, wonderful, and fun-loving—and when she moves into the Villa Villekulla, she soon makes friends and gets into trouble.

Pippi Longstocking

Catching Their Talk in a Box

The life story of the missionary Joy Ridderhof, a woman full of faith and praise.

Catching Their Talk in a Box

Detectives in Togas

When the Xanthos school is broken into, and the teacher almost killed, the students must act quickly to find and expose the culprit—before Rufus is locked behind bars forever.

Detectives in Togas

Misty of Chincoteague

A brother and sister work together to buy and tame a wild mare and her foal.

Misty of Chincoteague

Gooney Bird Greene

Gooney Bird tells stories—and teaches second graders about how to write their own good stories.

Gooney Bird Greene