When it appears that she accidentally poisoned her betrothed, Shoshana was forced to flee to the nearest City of Refuge—but what could she do with her life there?

Shoshana’s Refuge

In 4022, Howard Carson stumbled upon an incredible discovery: An untouched tomb from 1985 somewhere in North America!

Motel of the Mysteries

When a mouse widow needed help desperately, she was given unexpected advice: Ask the rats for help.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

When Josh was bored one summer, he met a friendly bee who taught him all about herself and her friends.

Hummy and the Wax Castle

When she is coerced into working as a translator in a German POW camp in her hometown in Minnesota, Johanna finds herself the subject of hostility and eventually is accused of treason.

Things We Didn’t Say

After he breaks his arm, Ned comes home to discover that his little brother has been sold as a chimney sweep—will he ever see the little boy again?

The Chimney Sweep’s Ransom

As Napoleon tries to conquer all of Europe, the Amish try to maintain their peaceful way of life, and the Yoder family helps their neighbors settle back into life in the family castle.

The Poverty Gate

When her home is flooded out, Mona the mouse goes searching for a new home.

A True Home

A puny little chameleon decided to become big and strong and mean—until he met someone bigger and stronger and meaner!

Tyrone the Terrible

Two teams of men explore Mount Ararat, searching for Noah’s Ark, and face many dangers in the process.

Mystery of the Ark

When the mummy was suddenly stolen in front of them at the museum, the three children tried to figure out who did it and why.

The Missing Mummy

As he watches the children and teacher in his classroom, and goes home with them, Humphrey learns a lot about humans, and even teaches them some things!

The World According to Humphrey

When diagnosed with cancer and told he has only weeks to live, Paul Elias takes his granddaughter back to his hometown to try to find answers to the questions that haunt him from his past.

The Weight of Memory

Three women work to protect those they love and keep their faith as the Nazis invade and try to destroy the Dutch Jewish population.

Chasing Shadows

When two newly-adopted teenagers travel to Haiti with their new family, they find themselves immersed in more adventure than they ever wanted—and learn a lot about themselves and what is really important.

Catching Hope

Ross and Tessa have a good marriage—but could it be better with a little romance?

Bookers on the Rocks