When Billy and his best friend Bruce find a baby Great Horned owl, Billy adopts it—and thus ensues a summer of adventures for the pair of them.

Owls in the Family

Palio, the Wildest Horse Race in the World by Marguerite Henry

The big dream of Giorgio’s life is to ride in the Palio, the great historical race held every year in the city of Siena, Italy.

Palio, the Wildest Horse Race in the World

Year of the Black Pony, by Walt Morey

Chris badly wants a beautiful black pony—but when his father suddenly dies, all dreams for the future seem to be only distant fantasies.

Year of the Black Pony

King of the Wind

A horse is sent by the Sultan of Morocco to the Boy King of France, but the gift is misunderstood and the horse is rejected.

King of the Wind