As a cryptographer, Margot has an immensely important job in the war effort—but what happens when she meets a distracting young man and her world begins to fall apart?

The Number of Love

When Hana Abboud is asked to represent a family who was injured by terrorists while visiting Israel, she must decide whether it’s worth the risk—and if the Lord wants her to step into a potentially dangerous situation.

Chosen People

When a man wakes up from a head injury with no idea who he is or what he has been doing, but believes he’s in trouble, what should he do?

A Forgotten Truth

When he loses two clients in a row, Keith’s faith is shattered—how can he regain it?

Effective Immediately

Legacy of Mercy by Lynn Austin

Stuck with a fiancé she doesn’t love, Anna must decide whether to marry for position or live in disgrace. Given the job of taking care of a resentful, broken girl, Geesje must trust the Lord and try to help her past her heartache.

Legacy of Mercy

Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin

An immigrant from Holland, Geesje must learn to trust the Lord. Recently estranged from her fiancé and dealing with fears from her past, Anna must learn to trust that the Lord knows best.

Waves of Mercy

An Hour Unspent by Roseanna M. White

When Barclay is enlisted to help with the war effort, he never imagined how much personal sacrifice and effort it could take to protect and help those he loved.

An Hour Unspent

A Song Unheard by Roseanna M. White

Sent on a mission to discover a secret code and find a way to decode it, Willa soon realizes that her job is more than just to steal a code. A whole family is at stake—is there any way she can help them?

A Song Unheard

A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White

Sent to figure out which side a man is on politically, Rosemary soon realizes there’s more than just politics going on inside the manor’s walls.

A Name Unknown

Sight Unseen Series by Chautona Havig

Three different people have woke up in Rockland with no memory—what is the connection?

Sight Unseen series

Ties That Blind by Chautona Havig

When a third person loses his memory in Rockland, the first two victims are sure there is something sinister behind these episodes.

Ties That Blind

Mismatched by Chautona Havig

After a plea bargain gone bad, Leo is on the run again for his life.


The Stolen Years by Gloria Repp

David and Susan have to go stay with their grandfather, but when he doesn’t seem to like David, what can the boy do to bring peace and healing in the family?

The Stolen Years

Justified Means by Chautona Havig

What is happening when Erika is carried off in the night by a strange man?

Justified Means

Kate’s Dilemma by Sarah Holman

Pirated CDs are being used as a cover for selling drugs—can Kate and her team stay safe as they try to figure out who is doing it?

Kate’s Dilemma

Fine Print by Chautona Havig

When challenged to solve a mystery, Madeline quickly realizes there’s more to a riddle than meets the eye—is she able to solve it before it’s too late?

Fine Print