When Bentley discovers a truth in the Bible about one way we are supposed to glorify God, she must decide if it’s worth the risk to follow through with it or not.

Blessing Bentley

On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White

After all the men in his squadron spiraled into the channel in flames, Camden took the brunt of the blame—but will he ever truly be free of the guilt and grief he’s carried with him ever since?

On Wings of Devotion

What happens when 12 different women, each with a chaperone, move into a bachelor’s house for a month at a time?

Thirty Days Hath…

These five stories are all tied together with a common theme, which makes this collection extra-fun!

The Wedding Dress Yes Collection

As a cryptographer, Margot has an immensely important job in the war effort—but what happens when she meets a distracting young man and her world begins to fall apart?

The Number of Love

When Hadassah is taken to the King’s court, she must learn to trust God for her protection and direction.

Hadassah: Queen Esther of Persia

When her best friend is taken away, Evalina must learn to deal with her grief—and figure out how to encourage Taichi to hold on even though he’s in a concentration camp.

Within These Lines

Torn between her Indian siblings and drunkard French father, with a war pressing ever closer on the horizon, life seems to be spinning out of control when the one person Catherine hoped to never see again steps into her life once more.

Between Two Shores

The daughter of a wealthy judge, Julia Hoffman has needed nothing—until now, at the beginning of the Civil War, when she realizes that her spoiled upbringing is keeping her from her potential and also pushing the one man she’s always admired away from her.

Fire by Night

Neil Fox and Arleen Thatcher have become new dance partners…but can they win the competition of life, let alone the dance competition?

Dance With Me

When Hana Abboud is asked to represent a family who was injured by terrorists while visiting Israel, she must decide whether it’s worth the risk—and if the Lord wants her to step into a potentially dangerous situation.

Chosen People

Preston and Lara are both Christians, but coming from quite different church backgrounds; should their differences stand in the way of their marriage?

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue

When a man wakes up from a head injury with no idea who he is or what he has been doing, but believes he’s in trouble, what should he do?

A Forgotten Truth

When he loses two clients in a row, Keith’s faith is shattered—how can he regain it?

Effective Immediately

The four stories in this collection center around romance beginning at Christmas, but have wildly different themes otherwise.

Comfort & Joy (Christmas Lights Collection 2018)

Terri by Sharon Srock

Longing to have her own family, Terri decides to begin foster parenting, but when the first day ends up much more complicated than she anticipated, can she learn to rely on the Lord as she needs to?