When Josh was bored one summer, he met a friendly bee who taught him all about herself and her friends.

Hummy and the Wax Castle

After a boy carves a seagull out of ivory, it stays with him and his descendants for generations as they work on whalers, clippers, and other ships.


Minn of the Mississippi by Holling Clancy Holling

A turtle with only three legs travels from the source to the mouth of the Mississippi River, and the history and geography of the river is told with story and beautiful illustrations.

Minn of the Mississippi

Bomby the Bombardier Beetle by Hazel May Rue

Bomby has a lot to learn so he can grow up to be an old, wise Bombardier beetle—but can he keep his mouth shut long enough to be taught what he needs to know?

Bomby the Bombardier Beetle

The Truth About Bats, by Eva Moore

Ms. Frizzle takes her class to Yosemite to learn about bats, especially the endangered Spotted Bat.

The Truth About Bats