Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero

After her engagement was broken just days before the wedding, ‪Melonie needs some time to reset and find hope again.

Finding Christmas Joy

Quest for Leviathan by Amanda Tero

After the Leviathan claimed Anath’s father’s life, Anath is determined to conquer it…but when things go awry, he learns there’s something even more important than a dragon to conquer.

Quest for Leviathan

Hartly Manor by Amanda Tero

When an old man who is well known as grumpy and irritable shows up at the orphanage asking for children to share his life with, can anyone learn to trust him?

Hartly Manor

21 Days of Grace by Kathy Ide

Twenty-one well written short fiction stories encouraging you in your Christian faith.

21 Days of Grace

Coffee Cake Days by Amanda Tero

Meg has a problem: How can she balance her desire to learn from the Lord and the needs of her family?

Coffee Cake Days

Always Face a Panther, compiled by Ruth K. Hobbs

This is a collection of interesting stories about children of the past in America, and each story teaches a lesson in a natural way.

Always Face a Panther