There's a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse by Jessie Clemence

The mother of two children discusses how being a mother has changed her life and encourages and challenges other mothers in their God-given task.

There’s a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse

My Big Book of Bible Heroes for Kids by Glen Hascall

Forty-eight short stories focus on various character qualities that people in the Bible demonstrated.

My Big Book of Bible Heroes for Kids

Prayers That Changed History by Tricia Goyer

With stories about 25 people throughout Christian history who prayed, this book helps children learn to pray.

Prayers That Changed History

New Toes for Tia by Larry Dinkins

After 4-year-old Tia’s toes are badly burned, she cannot walk normally.

New Toes for Tia

The Gods Must Be Angry, by Sheila Miller and Ian Murray

After Bradit accidentally knocks the head off the Happy Idol, his family realizes that neither the Happy Idol nor the Sad Idol has any power to fix it.

The Gods Must Be Angry

Stories From Africa, by SIM Missionaries

Six true stories from missionaries in Africa help children understand more about God’s love and care for us.

Stories From Africa

Granny Han’s Breakfast, by Sheila Groves

When all her money is stolen, Granny must trust God to supply her needs, which He does abundantly.

Granny Han’s Breakfast

Ten Boys Who Made History, by Irene Howat

Stories are told from the lives of 10 boys who became great men of God, showing how God worked in their lives.

Ten Boys Who Made History

Windows to Our World, by Sarah Janisse Brown

The mother of 10 children tells the story of her life, from a young girl struggling to learn to read to a missionary in Europe now.

Windows to Our World

Torches of Joy, by John Dekker

After they heard the word of God and turned from their old superstitions to the living God, the Dani people of New Guinea took the gospel to other tribes.

Torches of Joy

History Lives Series, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

A set of five books covering the entire history of the Christian church, from the Apostle Paul to Janani Luwum in Uganda in 1977.

History Lives series

Rescue and Redeem, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

Well-written stories of pivotal moments in the lives of over a dozen influential Christians who worked to change the world for Jesus between 1860 and 1977.

Rescue and Redeem

Tied With Heartstrings, compiled by Marian D Reinford and Emily D. Martin

120 short meditations and stories about adoption and fostering, written mostly by the adoptive mothers but also by the fathers or siblings, and in a few cases by the adoptee themselves.

Tied With Heartstrings

Understanding the Times, by Ken Ham

The founder of the Creation Museum considers twelve passages of Scripture that sum up the dependence of biblical truth on a firm foundation.

Understanding the Times

The More Abundant Life, by Renetta Brovont

A daily devotional for women, focusing on a deeper walk with God.

The More Abundant Life

Courage and Conviction, by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

Fascinating stories open up the lives of many well-known leaders in the Reformation.

Courage and Conviction