This textbook is a study of our purpose in life and how we should view ourselves and live for God.

Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?

In over a hundred short stories and poems, more than 20 mothers share bits of their lives as an encouragement to other Christian mothers.

Fingerprints: Bits & Pieces of Motherhood

In learning to love and appreciate her special needs twin brother, Kim learns to love and trust God more, as well.

Treasure in an Oatmeal Box

When he finds himself abandoned by his wicked older brothers in the deep forest, young William has only one direction to turn for help.

The Little Woodchopper

These five stories are all tied together with a common theme, which makes this collection extra-fun!

The Second Yes Collection

Wonderful, colored line drawings and descriptive text show all the stages in the building of a mosque in the late 1500s.


This practical book will help you to resist temptations caused by various forms of lust.

Armor of Light

When his enemy’s life was in danger, Dirk Willems saved him—and gave up his own life in the process.

A Flame Forever Bright

A thoughtful book about taking more time for the things that matter—and connecting with the Lord in a deeper way.

Here, Now

After getting in trouble with an older boy in his village, Ohkwa’ri must figure out what a good response should be and how to encourage the boy to work for peace instead of division.

Children of the Longhouse

An entertaining, informative book explaining how the US constitution was created.

Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution

A Study Bible with a central focus on the gospel: Not only on how the whole Bible is focused on the topic, but also how it can be practically lived out in our own lives.

ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible

After becoming a doctor and surgeon during World War II, Paul Brand spent his life trying to help people suffering from leprosy—and made many advances in research on the disease.

Paul Brand: Helping Hands

As a cryptographer, Margot has an immensely important job in the war effort—but what happens when she meets a distracting young man and her world begins to fall apart?

The Number of Love

When Hadassah is taken to the King’s court, she must learn to trust God for her protection and direction.

Hadassah: Queen Esther of Persia

A traveling missionary catches up with different missionary friends of his, and shares snapshots of the gospel’s progress around the world.

A Company of Heroes: Portraits From the Gospel’s Global Advance