Questions about life in colonial America are answered with interesting text and nice pictures.

If You Lived in Colonial Times

Beautiful pictures tell the story of one family who traveled to America on the Mayflower.

Three Young Pilgrims

When a profane sea captain falls desperately ill, and then remembers the Moravian missionaries he met as well as the Bible verses his mother taught him, what happens?

Captain Garrison

Do the history textbooks really tell the truth, or is there another side to early American history that we aren’t being told?

In God We Don’t Trust

The man who surveyed the capitol city of the United States was not only a surveyor, but also had other incredible talents.

What Are You Figuring Now?

Easy language and short chapters make this a great early reader for young children.

Meet Thomas Jefferson

Synopsis: Where did the giant trees come from to make the masts for the English navy’s ships?

Giants in the Land

Synopsis: Fun pictures help to tell the story of this famous patriot’s life.

Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May?

The story of Ben Franklin’s life is told for children, focusing on his childhood in Boston.

Benjamin Franklin, Young Printer

Benjamin Franklin’s life as an inventor, scientist and statesman is told in a very interesting way.

Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia

Comical drawings and a text with a dry sense of humor tell the story of a famous American in a fresh way.

What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?

Fun pictures and engaging text tell the story of Franklin’s inventions and studies of electricity

How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning

Benjamin Franklin’s busy life is perfectly captured in this picture book.

The Many Lives of Benjamin Franklin

Abigail Adams tells the story of her life, her faith in God, and her support of her husband through everything he was called to do.

Abigail Adams: First Lady of Faith and Courage

With short chapters and easy vocabulary, this book tells the story of George Washington’s life.

Meet George Washington

What was George Washington’s life like as a child?

George Washington, Our First Leader