Synopsis: Five stories about people trapped in blizzards are interconnected.

When Snowflakes Never Cease

Synopsis: Ralph’s father’s wisdom guides the family through one disaster after another, making their years on a ranch in Colorado the best years of their lives.

Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers

Synopsis: When Daddy breaks his leg and spends the entire summer mending, Andrew must learn patience.

Daddy on the Mend

After Simon finishes third grade for the fourth time, his teacher advises him to strike out and find his place in the world.

The Great Turkey Walk

Desperate to gain her father’s attention and affection, Adah arranges for a concert with his daughters—but can she trust that the Lord knows what’s best for her?

Haven of Rest

With the war over, rebuilding their ruined livelihoods and lives isn’t easy—do they have the endurance to do it, and will they be able to find hope in the aftermath of such horror?

All Things New

Though she has played music for many weddings, Stephanie is still single. Can she find her rest and hope in the Lord?

Wedding Score

When a mistreated slave runs away and the village priest goes after him, can either of them survive in the desert—and what will happen when they meet?

Lo, How a Rose

After a panic attack when she discovers she still has unprocessed childhood trauma, Bonnie Gray embarks on a journey to healing…and invites us to take the journey to freedom with her.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace

When she wakes up every day expecting to go on her class trip, only to discover all over again that her mother and boyfriend are dead or missing and she’s lost three months of her life, Mia must figure out why—and time is running out.

Forget Me Now

Isaiah’s Legacy by Mesu Andrews

Wife of one of the most powerful men in Israel, Shulle witnesses the horrors of King Manasseh’s reign—will there ever be hope for Judah?

Isaiah’s Legacy

Over the course of four books, trace Adele’s and Troy’s stories from when one or both of their parents die until they become parents themselves and find forgiveness.

Kees & Colliers series

After a simple book delivery in Kentucky, Alice Ripley gets involved in a community mystery—not the least of which is, what caused someone to shoot and nearly kill their only librarian in the area?

Wonderland Creek

When London, a wedding dress designer, decides to help brides who were not served well at a bridal store, she doesn’t realize the trouble she will get into when her help is found out.

The Wedding Dress Yes

When Rivkah is asked to marry a man in obedience to the law, she runs away—but her life goes from bad to worse. Can her father ever forgive her?

Until the Mountains Fall

When Bentley discovers a truth in the Bible about one way we are supposed to glorify God, she must decide if it’s worth the risk to follow through with it or not.

Blessing Bentley