The Adventures of Lily Lapp series by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher

Over the span of four books, Lily Lapp grows up from a 5-year-old to an adventuresome 11-year-old, learning many lessons for life along the way.

The Adventures of Lily Lapp series

Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin

Caroline lives in Virginia, and while her family owns slaves, she abhors slavery during the Civil War.

Candle in the Darkness

Charley by Sharon Srock

When her daughter’s birth mother suddenly reappears after 15 years, what should Charley do?


Om-kas-toe: Blackfeet Twin Captures an Elkdog by Kenneth Thomasma

Blackfeet twins, a boy and a girl, find a horse and help their tribe.

Om-kas-toe of the Blackfeet

Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman

The mother of a large family shares tips and ideas she has learned over the years about the art and science of managing the large family.

Large Family Logistics

A Light on the Hill by Connilyn Cossette

After accidentally killing her two future step-sons, Moriyah must flee for her life—but with her past already haunting her, will she ever be able to find peace again?

A Light on the Hill

Fine Print by Chautona Havig

When challenged to solve a mystery, Madeline quickly realizes there’s more to a riddle than meets the eye—is she able to solve it before it’s too late?

Fine Print

Identity Theft by Alana Terry

Lacy’s worst and best dreams have come true: her boyfriend proposed to her, and then the love of her life who has been missing for four years showed up again. How can she decide between the two?

Identity Theft

A Big Year for Lily by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher

During the year that she turns 10, an Amish girl has many experiences, both good and disappointing.

A Big Year for Lily

Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran by Kenneth Thomasma

After being captured by an enemy tribe, an 11-year-old girl makes an incredible journey of hundreds of miles to try to return to her people.

Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran

Judah's Wife by Angela Hunt

Has Leah escaped from an abusive father only to find herself trapped with an uncaring husband?

Judah’s Wife

Viking Adventure by Clyde Robert Bulla

Sigurd, a young Viking boy, goes on a voyage of exploration to find the land that Leif Ericson had discovered a hundred years earlier.

Viking Adventure

What Dreams May Come by Alana Terry

With two huge disappointments in her recent past, Susannah must learn to find peace in where the Lord has placed her, and serve Him with everything she’s got right where she is—even though she’d much rather be a missionary on the foreign field.

What Dreams May Come

Dare to Dream Again by Alana Terry

Gloria tries to serve the Lord and be content with her lot, even after her husband died early in their marriage and she has to care for their two daughters alone.

Dare to Dream Again

Where We Belong by Lynn Austin

Rebecca and Flora find adventures everywhere they go, as they try to find God’s plan for their lives.

Where We Belong

The Matchmakers of Holly Circle by Chautona Havig

Richard and Ruth have been friends for ten years—Mason believes it’s time to hurry things up a bit!

The Matchmakers of Holly Circle