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Come What May (PG)

post written by Esther Filbrun

Come What May by Advent Film GroupTitle: Come What May (PG)
Advent Film Group
Major Themes: Abortion, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Lawyers, Christian Living, Courtship, Marriage, Purity
Can Caleb, a lawyer-in-training, choose what’s right—even though it may cost him his relationship with his mom?

Several years ago, I came across a blog contest for sharing your best picture of springtime. One of the prizes was a new DVD named Come What May. After reading the description of the movie, I decided I wanted it—but sadly my then-favorite picture of spring, depicting a cabbage tree in bloom, wasn’t what the judges were looking for and I didn’t win.

However, I still wanted to see the movie, so on a recent trip back to the States I bought a used copy from Amazon and shipped it to my grandma’s house. She was intrigued by the premise as well, and one evening we had a fun movie night. We really enjoyed the film—lots of good lessons in the story!

Caleb Hogan, recently transferred to Patrick Henry College, is facing a dilemma. As a professional lawyer, his mom is preparing to defend an abortion case before the Supreme Court. However, his dad and his teammate—through whom he has the only hope of winning Moot Court—both believe abortion is wrong. How can he decide between a promising job in a law firm—and his mom’s support—and what he knows is right? His future depends on whether or not he follows his dad’s words: Do what’s right, come what may. Choosing the right is harder than he ever thought.

Besides just a movie about the pro-life/pro-choice argument, Come What May also touches on other subjects. The story encourages purity before marriage, as shown through Caleb’s attraction to one of the other characters. Caleb’s parents also are struggling in their marriage through the story, and valuable lessons can be learned from that as well. I really enjoyed the encouragement and faith-building atmosphere, and will definitely be watching this one again. Best understood by those 10 and over.

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