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Confessions of a De-cluttering Junkie

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Confessions of a De-cluttering Junkie, by Chautona HavigTitle: Confessions of a De-cluttering Junkie
Author: Chautona Havig
Major Themes: Housecleaning, Organization, Child Rearing
Synopsis: Kaye Harper is determined to rid her life and house of the clutter that is overwhelming her.

What an unusual theme for a novel! I would never have imagined writing about decluttering a house. And making it a gripping story? Not easy! Chautona Havig, however, has accomplished this feat. I have had this book on my Kindle for a couple of years, ever since it was first written as a serial novel. Yes, books are one thing that clutter up my life, but I’m not sure if I really want to declutter them!

Confessions of a Decluttering Junkie is the story of Kaye Harper and her obsessions. When the story opens, Kaye is going shopping, taking advantage of some good sales—but when she gets home she realizes that she didn’t need the things she bought and forgot to get the things she really needed! Then, her husband asks her for something he bought last week and she can’t find it anywhere in all the piles of stuff that clutter their home. She goes out to replace it and buys several books about taking charge of stuff and organizing your home. As she starts to read them, she starts sorting through the entry closet of their home. Wonder of wonders, everyone loves having space to actually use that closet! She starts working through the rest of the house—but her husband has a hard time handling Kaye’s new obsession of getting rid of stuff. Then, she cleans her sons’ dressers and inadvertently throws away their treasures (who knew that chewed gum was a treasure?), and alienates the entire family.

Kaye tries to strike a balance between simplifying her life and home and keeping her family happy, but the cat is out to prove her a dunce and make her life miserable, she ends up on bedrest for several weeks, and the baby refuses to let anyone except her daddy see her walking. Kaye is determined not to let her new hobby bring clutter back into her life, despite what her friends try their hardest to talk her into.

Another thing I appreciated about the story is the romance between husband and wife. It was very natural and wholesome. The story is not a romance, but a healthy marriage is depicted.

Somehow, even with the odd theme of this book, you are kept reading to the end to see how Kaye finally resolves all the conflicts she finds herself facing. Along the way, we are treated to lessons in organization, marriage, and child training in a very natural way. I love Confessions of a Decluttering Junkie and was sorry to come to the end of it. I’m looking forward to reading more by Chautona Havig.

No warnings!

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Keywords: Child Rearing, Housecleaning, Organization

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