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Crown by Nancy Kaser


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Crown by Nancy Kaser

Title: Crown
Author: Nancy Kaser
Major Themes: Marriage, Bible Study, Christian Non-fiction, Christian Living, Books for Women
Synopsis: Thirty lessons make up the best book I have ever read about marriage.

I have read quite a few books about marriage. They are always inspiring, but I rarely think about them after I have finished. A friend of mine reviewed Crown a few months ago, and her review made me want to read it—it sounded great. When the chance came up to review the book myself, I grabbed it, just because of her recommendation! I now know firsthand why she gave the book such a glowing review. This is one that (I hope) will stay with me for a long time.

Nancy Kaser has divided her book into 30 wife-changing lessons. These are grouped into six sections, so the reader is intended to study one topic a week. These topics are Yield, Help, Smile, Order, Gift, and Increase. She begins the study with the need to lay a foundation on the Word of God, and be yielded to Him, and then goes on to the practical, daily life things. She ends the study with several chapters about keeping our eyes fixed on our heavenly bridegroom. All the way through, she keeps the focus on Jesus, and refers to the Bible frequently. This book is based on the Bible!

I would say that the topic that I think about the most, after reading the whole book, is Smile. What I took away from it is to delight in being with my husband. Greet him with a smile and show him how special he is to me! I also appreciated the encouragement in the Order section. Nancy points out that our primary sphere, as Christian wives, is the home. Keeping the home in order and running smoothly is the Lord’s work! If you know me, you know that I like to be at home, keeping things going here. Another thing she points out in this section is that our home is the bridge between our family and the outside world. I was thankful for the affirmation that this is a good thing. Another thought that keeps coming back is from the Increase section. This is the quote that I keep mulling over:

“I have been to more than one Bible study where the first question asked after reading a passage of Scripture isn’t “What do you learn about God in this passage?” But rather, “How does this apply to you?”

This thought has been challenging me as I read my Bible the last several days.

There is only one thing I found in this book that I didn’t agree with 100%. In chapter 3, she is talking about the permanence of marriage, and discusses situations where it may be all right to divorce. I agreed with everything she said except for one sentence in which she states that a believing woman who is abandoned by an unbelieving husband is free to remarry. Other than that one statement, I wholeheartedly endorse Crown. Every wife should read this, probably more than once. I just finished a quick first read through it, and now I plan to go back through and read it as it is intended, a lesson a day, five days a week for six weeks. (That’s what I should have done for the first time through, but didn’t open my review copy till three weeks before the review was due! Oops.) And, if you want any further proof as to how I feel about this book? I just ordered two print copies, one for myself and one for a friend.

I received a free copy of this book from CelebrateLit, and these are my honest thoughts about it.

WARNING: See last paragraph of review.

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Keywords: Marriage, Bible Study, Christian Non-fiction, Christian Living, Books for Women

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