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A Different Kind of Courage

post written by Esther Filbrun

A Different Kind of Courage by Sarah HolmanTitle: A Different Kind of Courage
Sarah Holman
Major Themes: 1700s, 1775, American Revolution, United States, Christian Historical Fiction
With friends on both sides of the war, longing to follow the Lord, can William do what is right—and yet gain his father’s respect?

While not your typical American Revolution novel, A Different Kind of Courage is both engaging and historically accurate. I’ve been privileged to follow this story from the very beginning, and after seeing the hours of research that went into the story, I knew I wanted to read it eventually. I wasn’t disappointed; this book is fascinating.

After his mother’s sudden death, unable to bear his father’s controlling attitude anymore, William escaped to England. Now, four years later, he’s coming back—hoping to prove to his father that he is a man now, and attempt to gain his respect. Boston is vastly different from what it was when he left—and with hatred toward the British government growing daily, William has a difficult choice to make. His father is a staunch Tory, and yet his friends are Whigs. He can see the sense—even the need—for what the Whigs are campaigning for, but can he put aside his reputation long enough to follow his conscience’s guidance?

Partly a love story, partly a fascinating picture of Revolution-era Boston, A Different Kind of Courage has great historical value. I loved all the different real historical people Sarah Holman wove naturally into the plot—giving us the chance to get to know them as perhaps they once were. Overall, this is a great book, one that I highly recommend.

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