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God Loves You. - Chester Blue

post written by Esther Filbrun

God Loves You. - Chester Blue by Suzanne Elizabeth AndersonTitle: God Loves You. – Chester Blue
Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson
Major Themes: God’s Love, Children’s Books
When Miss Millie’s business appears doomed to be closed, is there any hope that God can help her—and when He does send something, how can a blue teddy bear help her?

There aren’t many children’s books that I read to myself these days, but God Loves You. – Chester Blue is one I read just recently. What a sweet story! Although I can’t foresee myself reading it again anytime soon, it’s definitely a worthwhile tale, one that many children would immensely enjoy.

Miss Millie is sad. Her customers have moved away from town, and without customers her teddy bear creation and repair shop must close down. What can she do for an income? Then a mysterious blue bear arrives in her mail the day after she prays about her problem. The bear carries a suitcase, and in the suitcase is a little note reading simply, God Loves You. – Chester Bear. Although the bear may not be of any use to her, it does provide the encouragement she needs at the time to keep trusting the Lord will work everything out for her.

She decides to send the bear to a friend of hers who has two little boys who struggle to get along. Enchanted with the bear, and finding the message to be a caution to them, the boys learn to be kind to each other—but on a trip to see the Grand Canyon, Chester Blue is accidently dropped over the edge and is lost. Ted Denton, a tour guide, happens to spot Chester as he’s leading a group through the canyon on mules. When his dearest wish—to get a chance to ride in a rodeo—is granted, Ted is ecstatic. But the judges say he cannot ride with a torn shirt. Can Chester Blue, with his simple message “God loves you” be of any help to him? Will his one chance at doing something he thinks he’ll love be missed simply because his shirt is ripped?

God Loves You. – Chester Blue is a lovely story illustrating God’s love for us through the life and experiences of a bear. I did struggle a little with the fact that parts of the story didn’t seem realistic, but even so this story is one that many children would enjoy and find encouraging. Chester Blue was able to help many different people, and through that God’s love was shown. Overall, this is a great book, one I hope I can read to my younger siblings one day.

WARNING: “Millions of years” are mentioned once in chapter three. There are also a few words used that I didn’t appreciate—“doggone” in chapter four and “dang” in chapter nine.

Age Levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 5 – 8, 8 – 12, Family Read Alouds
Reading Independently—Ages 7 – 9, 8 – 12


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