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Hashtag Rogue by Chautona Havig

Hashtag Rogue

post written by Emma Filbrun
Hashtag Rogue by Chautona Havig

Title: Hashtag Rogue
Author: Chautona Havig
Series: The Agency Files book 5
Major Themes: Christian Fiction, Mystery, Books for Women
Synopsis: When Flynne sees danger that no one else seems to be aware of and takes steps to save someone when she really doesn’t know what she is doing, will she succeed—or will The Agency end up being destroyed?

When you enjoy a series of books, you’re always thrilled to see a new one come out. I have enjoyed all of The Agency Files, so I knew I would like Hashtag Rogue as well—and I did! Not many, if any, loose ends from other books were tied up, although more were created, but the story within this book is complete, and it was great fun to get to see Flynne in action in her own book.

Flynne was the office girl for The Agency. She did a wonderful job of keeping things running smoothly—despite the way she talked. Her constant emoji-speak of things that were totes adorbs, or puffy-hearting other things, had grown on Mark, but he wasn’t ready yet to believe her when she saw signs that Erika was in danger. What could Flynne do about it but take off on her own to save Erika, even if she didn’t know the first thing about protection, and didn’t have any sort of a plan. Would Keith be able to reach them in time to save the day?

Flynne and Erika left Rockland and found a place to hide, but Erika had to put up with watching Flynne flirting with the caretaker of the place. Then, they had to run from there—and found themselves in even more danger. Meanwhile, the Agency itself seemed to be in danger. Who was trying to take it down, and why? 

Don’t try to read Hashtag Rogue too fast. You’ll miss a lot. At the same time, it’s a hard one to read slowly, because the constant danger makes you want to keep turning pages. There are a lot of characters and plot lines going on at the same time, and trying to keep them all straight was a bit difficult. I loved the way the characters all interacted with each other, though, and all those plots worked together to tell a bigger story. I was glad to see Keith back, and his faith growing again. Erika’s faith is growing in this book, too, and even Mark is starting to lean more towards God. On the other hand, this is rather a rough story, with more violence in it than I normally like. At the same time, it’s a very clean story, with rough language referred to but not printed (some of the ways in which we are told about this language is quite hilarious!).

I highly recommend this book, and the whole series, if you like mysteries.

I received a free copy of this book from the author, and these are my honest thoughts about it.

WARNING: There is some violence; Keith is attacked and beat up, and two people are killed; some others are injured badly.

Age levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults

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Keywords: Christian Fiction, Mystery, Books for Women

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