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Here We Come

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Here We Come, by Chautona HavigTitle: Here We Come
Author: Chautona Havig
Series: Aggie’s Inheritance (#3)
Major Themes: Motherhood, Large Families, Homeschooling, Romance
Synopsis: Aggie finishes her first year of caring for her sister’s eight orphaned children as she prepares for her own wedding.

I loved Here We Come! If you’ve read my reviews of the first two books in the Aggie’s Inheritance series, Ready or Not and For Keeps, you know that I love the whole series. As a mother of eight myself, I can certainly relate to Aggie’s challenges when she is suddenly thrust into the position of mothering her sister’s eight orphaned children! The situations that arise for Aggie to deal with are so real. That is no wonder, though, when you consider that the author is a home-school mom of nine children herself. She’s had experience and knows what she’s writing about.

I’m not sure how much to say about the plot of Here We Come. If you look at the cover art, you’ll know there is a wedding coming up. This book covers Thanksgiving, with Aggie’s family—including her two aunts, Agatha and Athena! Next comes Christmas, and four days before the holiday Aggie suddenly learns that the grandmother will not be sending her usual U-Haul full of gifts for the children. There are more challenges with homeschooling the children, a broken arm—and Aggie’s world falls to pieces when the unexpected happens. God is always there, and so is the support group He has given Aggie. As with both of the other books in the series, there are many lessons for parenting sprinkled naturally throughout the story.

Once again, I’ll say that I love this series. I highly recommend these books for any mother who wants some light reading that is worthwhile and clean.

No warnings!

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults


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Keywords: Aggie’s Inheritance, Chautona Havig, Child Rearing, Family Life, Homeschooling, Large Families, Motherhood, Romance

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