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Homespun by Lorilee Craker


post written by Esther Filbrun

Homespun by Lorilee CrakerTitle: Homespun
Author: Lorilee Craker
Major Themes: Christian Living, Homemaking, Hospitality
Synopsis: A collection with many different stories from a variety of authors, this book’s goal is to encourage Christian women of all ages to live out their calling and follow Christ more closely.

Most of the time, I ignore the non-fiction titles that come up for review. I generally struggle to get into such books, and in that case I don’t really want to be stuck with a book I am having a hard time reading. However, when the opportunity to review Homespun came up a few months ago, I was interested. I left it in my inbox to consider later—and promptly forgot it, but a more recent email revived my memory and interest, and I immediately signed up. What a privilege to read this book! I thoroughly enjoyed each story, and found some very challenging tidbits, and overall ended up loving it!

There are multiple sections to this book, each one sharing pertinent stories. Some are very deep—I appreciated one author’s sharing on how she doubted God for many years, while still a Christian, and how she learned a deeper knowledge about Him as a result. Some are very light—like a story about a woman who accidentally bought stretchy fabric for her husband’s trousers, and the humiliation that caused him! Each one, though, gives a peek into the author’s lives. A touch of their faith, perhaps, or a gem for practical living, or a thought-provoking story. This is the kind of book I want to sit and savor for a long time—reading a chapter now and then, thinking about it for a while, then going on.

Although this book reminded me of a coffee table special, it’s a lot deeper than that. No matter who we are—Anabaptist, Anglican, Evangelical, whatever—we as women who follow Christ have a much higher calling than titles and names. We can get so mired in our particular lifestyles and ways of doing things the “right” way and completely forget that when we follow Christ, we are family—no matter what our box may be labeled. As I read this book, that’s what stuck out to me. This is a collection of writings by women from quite a few different backgrounds, but they spoke to my heart as if we were sitting in their living-rooms, sharing pieces of the most precious things in their lives. They share about their faith, not in a preachy style, but very simply, in a way that I could grasp and apply in my own life. They shared fears and terrifying situations—and yet how the Lord worked in them for His glory.

I think the biggest takeaway from Homespun for me was the fact that we all have things we can share to encourage and build others up. And when we are willing to encourage more Christ-likeness in others, His beauty can shine out more abundantly through all of us. Yes, I loved the practical tips. Yes, I loved the anecdotal stories. But many of the deeper articles met me where I was, and encouraged me there. I loved this book, and I think you would, too! I’m hoping to get a print version of it for myself soon—it’s that good!

I requested a review copy of this book, and this is my honest opinion of it.

No warnings, unless things like true life experiences are hard for you to read (for example, in section 3, chapter 14, in the article titled “The Lord Is My Rock”, a baby dies).

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults


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Christian Living, Homemaking, Hospitality

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