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Identity Theft by Alana Terry

Identity Theft

post written by Esther Filbrun

Identity Theft by Alana Terry

Title: Identity Theft
Author: Alana Terry
Major Themes: Christian Suspense
Synopsis: Lacy’s worst and best dreams have come true: her boyfriend proposed to her, and then the love of her life who has been missing for four years showed up again. How can she decide between the two?

Not too long ago, I had roughly $.99 left on an Amazon gift card, and I was trying to decide what to do with that. After checking out Alana Terry’s titles, I stumbled across a box set that had Identity Theft in it. A couple days ago, I was finally able to take time to pick it up—and what a treat awaited me!

Now, I don’t normally read romantic suspense. I read some romance, and the occasional mystery, but I don’t generally do those two combined. But this book? As an “introduction” to the genre, it blew me away. Yes, it had romance in it, but in the end it was bittersweet, which was a nice note in my opinion.

I could fully identify with Lacy’s struggle to know what to do with her life. Forced to live a lie to protect herself, she had a hard time reconciling her true self with the one she had to portray to others—especially when it came to her boyfriend. When he asked her to marry him, could she accept as Jo, the persona she’s been told to live? Or could she be Lacy once again? Would she betray him if she changed? Of course, things had to get worse…and the rollercoaster ride needs both hands to hold on!

Spiritually speaking, Identity Theft isn’t as deep as some of Terry’s other books. However, the theme of finding contentment wherever one is at was one that I found encouraging.

I appreciated the simple, gentle encouragements from different characters throughout the book. Sometimes, a word spoken in season is just the thing you need to spur you along—and that’s why I love reading Mrs. Terry’s novels, because it does have those tidbits of wisdom.

In all, I enjoyed this taste of Terry’s suspense fiction, and am greatly looking forward to diving into her Kennedy Stern series soon! I think those are going to be great! Just need to remember to start them when I have the time to finish. 🙂

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