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Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children

post written by Esther Filbrun

Title: Treasury of Inspirational Stories for ChildrenJames Herriot’s Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children, by James Herriot
Author: James Herriot
Major Themes: 20th century, England, Non-fiction, Animals, Veterinarians, Children’s Stories
Synopsis: Eight touching stories of animals, perfect for a Saturday evening read-aloud.

Looking for picture books to read to your children? This book would be a perfect addition to your shelves. Originally titled James Herriot’s Treasury for Children, James Herriot writes in a clear, easy to understand manner. The pictures accompanying the text are the real selling point of the book, bringing the scenes described in the text to life. The stories themselves are written with care, with just enough description to make it feel like you’re there and just enough action to keep you turning the pages.

In this volume, there are eight special stories – you’ll read about three different cats, two dogs, a horse, a cow, and a little lost lamb. All are real snapshots of what farm life was like 50 – 75 years ago, with good humor and an enticing idea of what a veterinarian’s job back then was like – hard, but rewarding. The heartwarming stories of old rough farmers, and the tender love of a little girl will bring smiles to your children’s faces as they read and, perhaps, to yours as well.

I love this book because the stories, each in their own special way, tell of hope and love. Through these simple, yet fascinating stories, of animals and the beautiful pictures accompanying them, we can learn more about ourselves and each other. This book is perfect for preschoolers as well as primary students, and even adults would love reading the fascinating tales. I know you’ll love reading about a life so much different from our own and, in a sense, these books are a time capsule of what used to be. A time capsule preserved in such a way that even your youngest children will love sharing it with you.

WARNING: In just a few places through the dialogue, there are words used that some parents may not appreciate. It is only once in a while, and very easy to change if you feel the need.

Age Levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 3 – 4, 5 – 8.

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Keywords: England, Cats, Cows, Dogs, Horses, Sheep

  1. April 21, 2015

    Hello Esther,
    Well done the books look wonderful….how do I go about buying a couple of books
    God Bless

    • April 21, 2015

      Hi Margaret,

      You can click on the links under “Links to buy…”, and there you just click “buy now” (a button on the left). However, since we live in New Zealand, it would probably be best for us to buy through Book Depository (slightly cheaper than Amazon, because of free shipping). I’m planning on putting affiliates for that up soon.


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