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Inspiring Men of the Faith

post written by Emma Filbrun

Inspiring Men of the Faith by Barbour PublishingTitle: Inspiring Men of the Faith
Author: Barbour Publishing
Series: Heroes of the Faith
Major Themes: Narnia, World War I, England, Africa, Explorers, Missionaries, Evangelists, Moody Bible Institute, Germany
Synopsis: Four biographies, about Martin Luther, David Livingstone, Dwight Moody, and C. S. Lewis, in one volume.

Inspiring Men of the Faith is four books in one. These books are biographies of Martin Luther, David Livingstone, D. L. Moody, and C. S. Lewis. For reviews of the individual books, see my reviews elsewhere on this website.

I found the book about David Livingstone to be very interesting. I’ve read a lot of books about him, and this was one of the very best. The one about Moody was also very good; I have never read any biographies of him so found it a good read for that reason—besides the fact it was well-written! The one about Martin Luther, however, was very disappointing. I found it quite dry. The one about Lewis, too, was hard for me to get through and I’m not sure why.

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C. S. Lewis, David Livingstone, Dwight Moody, Martin Luther, World War I

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