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Into Their Hands at Any Cost

post written by Esther Filbrun

Into Their Hands at Any Cost by Harvey YoderTitle: Into Their Hands at Any Cost
Harvey Yoder
Major Themes: Bibles, Bible Smuggling, Christian Living, Missionaries
Sixteen stories of courageous Christians who put their lives on the line to get Bibles to those who badly needed them and couldn’t access them themselves.

I tend to over-prepare for plane trips. Don’t ask me why; I just do. So recently, as I was preparing for our family trip back to the States, I was trying to decide what I really need to take, and what I could feasibly leave behind. Thankfully, I do have several other similar trips under my belt now, so I have gotten better at cutting out the non-essentials and the things I don’t even use…or at least reducing them by some. I decided just one print book would be enough. Surely even a super-bored Esther wouldn’t go through more than one book? After all, I did have my Kindle, too, stuffed full of hundreds of other books. I was right! I was also very thankful for the choice I made, Into Their Hands at Any Cost. It’s a nice short-ish book, and since each chapter is a story in itself and not linked to the rest of the book, it was very easy to put down when I became too bored or distracted to read. For me, it worked excellently. And I ended up loving the book!

Through the eyes of the people who lived the stories, we see Bible smuggling in all its joys and some of its dangers. From young westerners smuggling Bibles in in boxes under mattresses, needing to go through multiple police checks as they headed further into Romania, to a lone man traveling days, hoping that at the end of his journey he’d find a Bible to take back with him to his hometown. Each story is marked with unmistakable hope and courage—hope that the precious Word each person was helping to deliver would not return void, and courage to do the task set for each one, no matter the danger. Although this book didn’t have a whole lot of scenes where people were caught, it was just enough to give you the sense that this was more than just an ordinary adventure—there was real danger, and although the Lord did protect His children, He didn’t always keep them from being discovered.

I’ve always found stories of courageous people like this incredibly challenging. I know we’re not supposed to compare ourselves among ourselves, but seeing their faith in action, compared to my feeble attempts, makes me feel like a wimp. Which, truth be told, I’m sure I am—but the point is, by seeing this, it makes me want to press even harder into the Lord. To learn even more from and about Him, and about what He would have me do with my life in service to Him. These people were unmistakably brave, risking all in order to get the living Word to those who were so desperately longing for it. I highly recommend Into Their Hands at Any Cost—I believe you’ll be encouraged by the stories, too, hopefully just as much as I was.

WARNING: Prison, chases, and the such-like are mentioned fairly frequently. Nothing too graphic from what I remember, but I’d recommend this book for teens and older because of some of the content.

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 12 – 15, 15 and Above, Adults


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