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Kate’s Capitol

post written by Esther Filbrun

Kate's Capitol by Sarah HolmanTitle: Kate’s Capitol
Sarah Holman
Series: Kate’s Case Files, book 2
Major Themes:
FBI, Detective Work, Detectives, Investigations
Now part of an FBI team, can Kate discover if all’s as it should be within the Texas capitol—before Rep. Ashbury runs for governor, and her team is left with an even bigger mess on their hands?

I read the first book, Kate’s Innocence, on the first few days of my trip back to the US in November. I loved the story, and when the chance to be a pre-reader/editor came up for Kate’s Capitol, I jumped at the opportunity. This book didn’t seem to take long to get through, and it was just about as exciting as the last one (maybe not quite, but it was pretty intense at some places!).

Kate, now part of the FBI team that had worked so hard to clear her name, is about to embark on her new life as an agent. Soon, a job comes in regarding possible double-dipping by a representative at the Texas capitol. Will they be able to discover if the claim is false—before Rep. Ashbury runs for governor? Can Kate maintain the distance she wants between Patrick and herself? And when she accidently overhears private information and is caught, will she get away safely?

As a continuation in a series about the FBI, I felt like Kate’s Capitol was a great story about the more mundane side of the federal institution. Through the story, I got a feel for how a state capitol is run—which was fascinating—as well as being able to see some of the more intricate parts of Austin, Texas, an aspect that I really enjoyed. This book didn’t have as much faith in it as some of Sarah Holman’s stories do, but one thing that did strike me was the way one of the characters was challenged by another’s commitment to being in the Word each day. I’m not always very prompt in my Bible reading time, so this was a challenge to me as well. Overall, this is a good story. Best for teenagers, but some adults might find it interesting as well.

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