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Kingdom’s Edge

post written by Esther Filbrun

Kingdom’s Edge, by Chuck BlackTitle: Kingdom’s Edge
Chuck Black
Series: The Kingdom Series
Major Themes:
Biblical Allegory, Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
The Prince has called Cedric to follow Him—but when the Prince is killed, is all hope for the kingdom been lost forever?

When Jesus calls us to follow Him, we have two choices: Either accept Him, or run away as fast as we can. In Kingdom’s Edge, Cedric is faced with the difficult decision, and for a good while he has a hard time knowing what to do. While maybe not quite as exciting as Kingdom’s Hope, this book is one of—if not the—most important book in the whole Kingdom Series, because it is the foundation of all the books to come.

The wealth of Chessington’s people is completely gone—save for the Noble Knights, who fill their coffers from the poor’s meager livelihoods. Once happy and healthy citizens are now reduced to rags and begging for food. Amidst the sadness, Cedric—a man of no hope—scoffs at the dreams of his friend William for a better future. That is, until the day comes when he is faced by a Stranger—one whom he soon realizes is the King’s son, the Prince. Only He can save the kingdom now, and soon there are many men who follow Him, hoping to help bring about a change.

The Noble Knights, however, hate His power and authority among the people, and they secretly plot to kill Him. Their plans succeed, and he is soon hung. Cedric is sure that there will be no hope for the kingdom now. How can men, that have seen their deepest dreams become reality, now deal with the bitter disappointment of defeat? Why did the King let the Prince die, instead of rescuing Him? What will happen to them now—now that He can no longer protect them? Will they lose their lives as well because they followed Him?

Through Kingdom’s Edge, Chuck Black tells the dramatic story of the Prince—Jesus’—time on earth, and beyond through the Acts. I never realized—before reading this story—how much the disappointment of dreams unrealized affected the Disciples. This really brought the story to life—in allegorical form, as are all books in the Kingdom Series. I also really enjoyed the theme that came out through this book of how God protects us. Even in the darkest danger, He’s still there. This story is especially suited for teenage boys.

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