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Kingdom’s Quest

post written by Esther Filbrun

Kingdom’s Quest by Chuck BlackTitle: Kingdom’s Quest
Chuck Black
Series: The Kingdom series
Major Themes:
Allegories, Biblical Allegories, Fantasy
Sir Gavinaugh is called to spread the message of the Prince all over the kingdom—but the Shadow Warriors are working hard. Can he do what needs doing before being caught—and yet protect those he loves?

Kingdom’s Quest is, in my opinion, one of the best of the six books in the Kingdom series. My brothers thoroughly enjoyed Sir Gavinaugh’s heroic work, and were disappointed each evening I wasn’t able to read to them for one reason or another. This book is a great “knights-and-ladies” story, but it is also a beautiful allegory of the growth of the early church under the guidance of the apostles.

Sir Gavinaugh realizes his only purpose in life should be to follow and obey the Prince. His new life brings him to rescue an embittered, resentful young woman—but when she realizes who he is and knows he was the one who left her to be captured by her greatest enemy, she tries to kill him. Then he decides to fight for the King in a tournament, but with opposition on every side his position, reputation, and message seem to be in great danger. Can he fight for the King—and win with honor? Will the people of Arrethtrae listen to his words? Can he fulfill his quest before his enemies capture him—and silence his witness?

I love how Kingdom’s Quest captures the struggles, triumphs, and dangers of the early church. While definitely a more romantic story than some, as an allegory of Paul’s love for the church it paints a beautiful picture. There was enough battles to keep my brothers well satisfied, and over all I believe this is a book all ages will learn from and enjoy.

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