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Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman

Large Family Logistics

post written by Emma Filbrun

Large Family Logistics by Kim BrennemanTitle: Large Family Logistics
Author: Kim Brenneman
Major Themes: Homemaking, Motherhood
Synopsis: The mother of a large family shares tips and ideas she has learned over the years about the art and science of managing the large family.

A friend recently loaned me a copy of Large Family Logistics. I had heard of it, so was glad to get a chance to read it. Since we have a larger-than-normal family, I enjoy hearing of how other people manage their households. I found this book to be very readable and interesting, as well as inspiring.

Kim Brenneman starts with laying a foundation for godly womanhood. She talks about keeping our focus on God, having a right attitude, and developing self-discipline and a good work ethic. Then, she moves on to helping your children to develop a good work ethic and how to teach them to help you.

Section two gets into very practical matters. Kim suggests making yourself a home management book, and gives detailed advice for doing the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking, and all the other things that have to be done to keep a house running. She also suggests ways to build in family time. And don’t forget the times that can derail the best systems! She has a chapter about pregnancy, but also suggests ways to improve your family’s health.

Over the years of being a mother, I have come up with a lot of my own systems for getting things done. There were tips I could glean from this book, however, to keep our home running more smoothly. In my opinion, every mother with even a few children should read it, not only for practical help, but also for encouragement and to know that she isn’t alone. There are many other mothers in similar circumstances! I also greatly appreciated the encouragement to keep God the center of our lives. One other thing I liked about the book? The chapters are very short, for the most part, so you can pick it up and read a chapter at a time easily.

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