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Maps and Globes by Jack Knowlton

Maps and Globes

post written by Emma Filbrun
Maps and Globes by Jack Knowlton

Title: Maps and Globes
Author: Jack Knowlton
Major Themes: Maps, Cartography, Geography
Synopsis: Full-color pictures and brief text tell the history of maps and how they are drawn.

Many, many years ago, when I was probably around 10 years old, I was given a book titled Maps and Globes. I can’t remember anymore who gave it to me; I would guess either my grandmother or an older cousin. I found it somewhat interesting at the time, but now it’s quite useful, as it is a book scheduled in the history curriculum I like to use for our children. I just went through it with my 6-year-old daughter.

This book begins by talking about the earliest maps, which were likely just scratched into the ground by someone who wanted to show someone else how to find what they needed. Examples of the oldest known maps are shown, as well as the charts the Polynesians made to find their way around the Pacific. The historical part of the book wraps up with a brief description of Columbus and Magellan and their contribution to mapmaking.

Next, various types of maps are introduced. First, a globe is pictured and described, and then flat maps—with their inevitable distortions. After that, the various lines and symbols that are used on maps are described, and then different kinds of maps are shown, such as historical maps to show various routes, or maps showing the distribution of minerals.

Maps and Globes is a very fun introduction to maps and how they are drawn and used. It’s brief and simple, but informative, with full-color pictures on every page. It’s a good choice to accompany an introduction to geography!

No warnings!

Age levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 5 – 8
Reading Independently—Ages 7 – 9

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