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Moose Country by Sam Campbell

Moose Country

post written by Emma Filbrun

Moose Country by Sam CampbellTitle: Moose Country
Author: Sam Campbell
Series: Living Forest Series, book 6
Major Themes: Animals, Canada, Canoes, Wildlife, Wisconsin
Synopsis: A naturalist and his wife, and some friends, spend a summer camping on a remote, unspoiled lake in Canada.

When I started reading the Living Forest series to my boys, I wasn’t sure how they would respond. Some of the stories in these books are so wonderful, though, that I wanted to share them. By now, though some of the boys were reluctant at first, they are very much enjoying these books. Most of the stories take place in Wisconsin, at the author’s Sanctuary, but in Moose Country they travel to Canada again.

Because the cabin on the island in the middle of their lake in Wisconsin was not suitable for winter habitation, Sam and Giny would spend half of the year traveling and lecturing. The middle of this winter, however, they went with friends to spend a day at their beloved home. Someone had the bright idea that they winterize the cabin and live there more of the year—so they hired someone to insulate its walls. As they prepared for a trip north to Sanctuary Lake in Canada, however, they had to fight a battle with the squirrels who decided that insulation was the perfect nest lining—how could they stop these thieves?

Finally, the day of departure arrived, and Sam and Giny, with Hi-Bub and his parents, headed north. Their plans were to spend the summer studying wildlife around the unspoiled lake they had discovered a year earlier, and Hi-Bub desperately wanted to make friends with a moose. After meeting a new friend and losing their way taking the wrong animal runway, they finally found the elusive lake teeming with wildlife again. Then began a wonderful summer in the wilderness—some of the tales they had to tell afterward are pretty funny! As they started for home, they wondered…would the squirrels have destroyed the house by now, or were they safe?

This is a delightful account of a year in the life of the Campbells. Anyone who enjoys nature stories will love this book. We loved the stories of the squirrels and the bear—and Moo Moo the moose. Ancient was a delightful character, as well. However, I did not appreciate the way Sam sometimes talked about the spirit of the wilderness; at one point he even mentioned the “sacred atmosphere of Sanctuary Lake.” To me, that is getting almost too close to nature worship. Other than that, I really liked the book.

WARNING: In chapter 13, someone uses the word blamed. Jeepers shows up twice in chapter 19. Also, see last paragraph of the review.

Age Levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 8 – 12, 10 – 13, Family Read Alouds
Reading Independently—Ages 10 – 12, 12 – 15


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Animals, Canada, Canoes, Wildlife, Wisconsin

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